Final Digipak

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Full Digipak 


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Front Cover


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Back Cover

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Inside Left Cover

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Inside Right (CD) 


Question 7:Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learn in the progression from that to the full product?

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Screenshot of me editing my question 7 for my evaluation using Adobe Premiere 

Question 7 from Fraser Brooke on Vimeo.

SCRIPT: When going through my work from this year, it’s clearly visible to see the development I have made through the year enhancing my media skills along the way. The quality of my work has seen a massive improvement and now I feel far more confident with my editing ability, shot variation, camera skills and all round media skills.

One of the first tasks we carried out was the preliminary task which was an early introduction into how to use the camera for a short simple sequence, after filimng the sequence we could be our new skills to the test by using Adobe Premier, it was basic editing but in the early stages it was needed. For this Task we had to film and edit someone opening a door, crossing a room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character, with a small exchange in dialogue. This task also had to include the match on action, shot/reverse shot and the 180-degree rule. As I was new to many things on the course I found the task tricky at points especially using the camera. I’ve noticed I didn’t do basic things such as using a tripod which helps the steadiness of the camera and helps create a clear shot. In my final video I clearly used a tripod as the quality is far greater and the camera is still at all points. I learnt from my mistakes and all these problems I learnt from throughout the year.

When filming this task I wasn’t very adventurous with what angles I used, but we carried out the mundane task to help us be more adventures with the angles we use. The mundane task was all about taking an ordinary event, such as making a cup of tea, then through the use of editing, camera angles and lighting making the shots more interesting. This task taught me the importance of positing of the camera when trying to create something. It also helped me be more creative with the angles I used.

The title sequence task was aimed to help us get a good feel in how to use titles appropriately in a film opening.  We used after effects to create the titles and the start of this I felt I was weak with using the programme, however this task helped me use the system effectively and to its full capacity.  This clearly had a great affect as I used after effects to input my titles for my final piece.

All these tasks helped vastly in order for me to be more prepared for my final piece.


Question 4: Who would be the audience for your media product?


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Using Adobe Premier to edit my 4th evaluation question. 

Who would be the audience for your media product? from Fraser Brooke on Vimeo.


The general target audience for my film is those who especially enjoy horror films, more specifically those who have an interested in the sub genre psychological horror. Putting to use my target audience survey which we carried out at the beginning of the year I was able to identify not only an age bracket, but also individual specific preferences in horror movies. I therefore used the results to assist my decision making for my final piece into what people possibly enjoyed in horrors and what they didn’t. My results concluded that my majority target audience was those age 21 and under with a mix of appeal to both male and female and that psychological horror was many people’s favorite sub genre of horror.

With the results of my survey concluded I carried out a a ‘Target Audience Interview’ that involved asking questions to two of my friends, both being male and under the age of 21, this generally being the demographic my type of film is aimed at. One of my friends that took part was Iain. Iain is 17 year old, who in his spare time watches films on a regular basis, with his favorite genre being horror. Iain is currently talking his AS level exams and is a very active person with Iain enjoying to participate in Golf and Football when he can. Iain’s favorite films include se7en, cube and the silence of the lambs. All of these being classic Psychological horror movies. Iain fits perfectly into who I’m trying to aim my production at. He enjoys these types of films as he loves a mix of jump scares as well as getting an insight into the mental instability of many, with this genre mixing the two perfectly. His ideal psygo horror would be placed in a small village where many are more exposed and not living in the true real world, so the mindset of many changes in comparison to a big city where the landscape changes all the time. Iain’s ideal opening introduces the main characters and has them put into a difficult scenario, where possibly they start to see the problems with their mental state.